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    Barrett Brown


    Barrett Brown is an American activist, author, and freelance writer/journalist. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Businessweek, and many other outlets. He has appeared as a guest on MSNBC, Fox News and Russia Today.

    On September 12, 2012 Barrett Brown was raided and arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation while he was participating in a Tinychat session. He was subsequently denied bail and detained without charge and adequate medical treatment for over two weeks while in the custody of US Marshals.

    Read a full description at freebarrettbrown.org

    In the first week of October 2012, Barrett was indicted on three counts related to alleged activities or postings on websites such as Twitter and YouTube, in which he postured for the return of property which was taken from him in March, and expressed frustration at the targeted campaign against him and a member of his family. The Department of Justice issued a press release on October 4th.

    On December 4, 2012 Barrett was indicted by a federal grand jury on twelve additional counts related to data from a security breach at the company Stratfor. See more on this at Department of Justice 7th Dec 2012 Press Release.

    Despite his lack of direct involvement in the operation and stated opposition to this aspect, Barrett faces these charges for the alleged act of pasting a hyperlink into an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel.

  • Barrett Brown Limericks



    There was a reporter from Texas
    Who found out some shit on Abraxas
    They launched Tinychat
    And sent in a rat
    And swatted the guy's solar plexus


    A journalist imprisoned may write
    And publish his thoughts and insight
    But this moral-fag
    Was served with a gag
    And thus was deprived of that right.


    A journalist who sometimes got wasted
    Got in trouble for a link that he pasted
    He let out a great laugh
    And cried out from his bath
    "This is the best wine that I've tasted!"




  • Barrett Brown Tweets 10th September

    Be Carfeful What You Retweet

    The world is divided into those that have heard about and care about Barrett Brown, and those who have not, and do not.  What is noticeable is that those that have heard of Barrett, really do care about him, and in unpicking his case, you come across many grown men and women (barriticus included) who become endlessly bogged down in the most ridiculous name-calling, paranoia and in-depth battles in what we may term as The Information Wars.

  • Barrett Brown Tweets 11th September

    Pay attention! These are the tweets that can land you in jail.

    Hi everybody.  We all use Twitter, and we all know about how you get banned from it for abusing somebody. 

    But what do you have to tweet to get your house raided?

  • Barrett Brown Tweets 4th September

    There's Twitter Jail — And There’s Federal Jail.

    The articles here posted will encourage you to behave in a cooperative and unrevolutionary manner on social media, most especially Twitter, by showing you how a series of seemingly legal tweets can be combined into a portmanteau of sin, enough to have you sent to Texas jail.

    These five articles will afford you the chance to examine Barrett Brown's tweets so you may be judge of his actions, although not his fate.  If you find what you read objectionable, please act, although don't tell anyone that I told you to go on a homicidal anti-Federal rampage.

  • Barrett Brown Tweets 7th September


    The Internet loves Barrett Brown. The future loves him even more. #Anonfamily doesn't forget. Ever. All memory is made of love & pain.

    (Tweet from @Pacific_Justice)

  • Barrett Brown Tweets 8th September

    How to Get Arrested on Twitter

    Getting arrested for tweeting has never been easier and once this case is done with, we’ll all be sharing recipes and knitting patterns — exactly what the Internet was designed for.

  • Barrett Brown vs Topiary

  • Barrett Brown's Parting Tweet

     Barrett Brown final videoTo mark the fact that Barrett Brown has been in prison for 300 days, I wanted to share some thoughts on that final tweet of his. Barrett's arrest was dramatic and its details become more pertinent every day.  Barrett's case is not unrelated to that of Edward Snowden, for example, because his work concerned private security contractors . . . until he was arrested.

    The character Howard Beale at the end of the film Networkbreaks the rules of mainstream journalism by addressing his audience as real people. In a rousing final speech, Howard Beale played by Peter Finch, implores the viewers of his news show to see through the story to the truth of the situation.

  • Bill Clinton on Hackers, 1999

    Following the ill fated horror of The Clipper Chip, and the Communications Decency Act, Bill Clinton remarked in 1999:

    'We are alreday seeing the first wave of deliberate cyber attacks - hackers breaking into business and government computers, stealing and detroying information, raiding bank accounts, running up credit card charges, extorting monyer by threats to unleash computer viruses.'

    This portrayal of hackers as sociopaths and criminals is excatly what the haxor disliked.  Even then and still today, hackers are linked to technological failures, and as long ago as that, hackers were portrayed as the enemy of society. 

    For example, it doesn't take a hacker to gain access to emails or other documents, as more often than not it is employees of companies who abuse their access and violate privacy.  Disgruntled employess, organised criminals, industrial spies and foreign or domestic intelligence operatives are not hackers, but the 'lone hacker' is something of a myth. 

    Hackers are not the miscreants we are now led to belive they are, but over the years we've come to see this portrayal that anyone creating havoc on a computer network - is a hacker.  This then leads to the situation inn which the guys that DO do this sort of thing calling themselves hackers.  We can't award any evildoer with an internet connection the title of hacker.  Wea lready have too much ill-thought out legislation and unwarranted fear.

  • Hotel Based Internet Proxy Loopholes

    Hotel-based Internet Proxy Loopholes:  I had no intention of paying the 30 Euros per day for Internet access so I got my iPhone on the go to see if I could get 3G access, but that was no go.  I joined the iPhone to the hotel WiFi and went through registration, and it was then that I noticed a few sections of text that had been present on the laptop version of the hotel's site were absent on the iPhone.  Instead there was an icon indicating content that the iPhone's browser could not load. I finished registering and on the page that prompted me to ask how much time I wanted to pay for, I got a message saying that registration was complete.  I was online, which was weird.  How to explain that?  It seemed that the access granting pages used items that weren't compatible with mobile Safari, and the web application used by the hotel, for whatever reason failed 'open' and not failed 'closed'.  That meant that if there was an error in the page then access would be granted. That was great but I didn't want to spend the weekend browsing the Internet on my iPhone.  So I got the laptop and pointed it to use the iPhone as a proxy and off I went, free WiFi .  When I went back to validate the security hole that allowed this I found that disabling Java on the browser on the laptop would have allowed me the same full acces to begin with.  The lesson is that if you run into WiFi apps requiring registration, do test this out by disabling Java / Active X etc in your browser, and you may be surprised.  And developers, note that you should always fail 'closed' and not fail 'open' when in doubt.
  • Rebel Evolution (2013)

    Rebel Evolution by Anna Zetchus Smith is a feature-length documentary divulging a political narrative that will be unfamiliar to most — activists from the far left who have through disillusionment, or in some cases, practical thinking and experience moved to the right.

    Lest full blown conflict breaks about between the two camps however, there is a thread in Rebel Evolution which questions these stances to begin with, but the tendency of the film is to show how the group of activists questioned have through their own experience.

    There are three stories here — that of Brandon Michael Darby who found far-left activism too violent when he began to become involved in such groups — Out and Proud Conservative Republican Kevin DuJan who suggest that he may have been pushed further right by the lack of tolerance he experienced when he mixed in more liberal and left wing circles — and  homeless activist Ted Hayes who suggest that having run the gamut of all political beliefs, from left to right.

    Although ostensibly about Brandon Michael Darby, a former leftist turned FBI informant whose political journey has much to tell us about the nature of patriotism, activism, and freedom in contemporary America, there are others such as homeless advocate and activist Ted Hayes.

  • Westboro

    Christ knows what it's gunna be but there is something to be learned from our collective experience of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Armed with nothing other than hate and the masochistic desire to troll the fuck out of every living thing that ain't Westboro, they've achived global fame and the sort of Internet traffic most would be envious of.  Yep, for a group with only 40 members, Westboro has achieved a lot.

  • Who is Topiary?

    Who is Topiary? The exact identity of this mysterious figure from the darknet is unknown to all but the most hardcore of the popo who have been interrogating various teenagers and informants on the subject since 1971, when the internet began.

    Still, with extreme hacking prowess, Topiary, or the many and various Topiaries, Topiarists, and other 30 year old virgins and unemployed neckbeards, managed to free the world from ignorance by introducing the concepts of zero punctuation and butthurt to social media, and sql injecting huge websites where they had no business.  This is nothing to do with the #freetopiary book, but serves to illustrate how rumours can get out of control.