35:27 Barrett does his 'I want to eat some Corgi Pie!' impression.

44:50 Barrett Brown asks Topiary if he is doing any gardening. 'Gardening!'

47:10 Topiary and Assange to flee Britain together

52:40 'Topiary! What do you think of SaBu?'

53:58 Barrett speculates on the 'Asian origins' of T-Flow

56:00 Barrett Brown is the leader of Lulzsec

56:10 Dying Butterfly

57:45 'How can people help you Topiary?'

1:00:38 Barrett satirises Britain!

1:06:30 Barrett Brown announces terrorist plan between himself and Jake Davis is LIVE and ready to go. 'All the bombs are in position.'

1:09:03 Reggie Nalder

1:13:05 Barrett Brown on Morrowind Mods (check: Morrowwind Nexus)

1:18:06 Barrett Brown: 'I used to be a writer, before I became a bad guy.'



Lulzmouse Statement:


Hey. Support Barrett and Jake. Barrett is a great guy and real journalist.  NOTE: One cannot hear Jake Davis for shit in this audio but heh.

Read all about it and meet the crazy cast of slags, slugs, trolls, rats and socks.



Occupy Peace, Barrett Brown Indictment Thoughts

Ron Brynaert on Fawkes Security (Oct 12)

Leaksource on the 3rd Indictment, Jan 2013

Dallas Observer, Unfair Park Blog, Jan 2013

Dallas News, Crimeblog, Jan 2013

The Deadly First Indictment:



ESSENTIAL READING - Barrett's Case Discussed at Vice.Com

The Voice of Russia - Barrett Brown Charged With Concealing Evidence

Jay Leiderman: Barrett Brown Has Been Indicted a Third Time; a Case of Prosecutorial Abuse

Talk Left - The Politics of Crime

Free Anons Article, January 2013

Wired.co.uk, 'Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown Faces New Charges'












cryptome.org: Barrett Brown, a Stellar Exemplar


Barrett Brown


Barrett Brown is an American activist, author, and freelance writer/journalist. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Businessweek, and other outlets. He has appeared as a guest on MSNBC, Fox News and Russia Today.

On September 12, 2012 Barrett Brown was raided and arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation while he was participating in a Tinychat session. He was subsequently denied bail and detained without charge and adequate medical treatment for over two weeks while in the custody of US Marshals.

Read a full description at freebarrettbrown.org

In the first week of October 2012, Barrett was indicted on three counts related to alleged activities or postings on websites such as Twitter and YouTube, in which he postured for the return of property which was taken from him in March, and expressed frustration at the targeted campaign against him and a member of his family. The Department of Justice issued a press release on October 4th.

On December 4, 2012 Barrett was indicted by a federal grand jury on twelve additional counts related to data from a security breach at the company Stratfor. See more on this at Department of Justice 7th Dec 2012 Press Release.

Despite his lack of direct involvement in the operation and stated opposition to this aspect, Barrett faced these charges for the alleged mere act of pasting a hyperlink into an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel. On January 23rd, 2013 he was indicted a third time on two more counts, relating to the March 2012 FBI raid(s) on his apartment and his mother’s house.

Barrett pleaded not guilty in all three cases. In January 2015 he was sentenced to 63 months which he is currently serving, and ordered to pay restitution.

Your prospective contribution to Barrett has significance in a wider campaign for free speech and transparency on the internet and between governments and people across the world.